• FINGPS = Business Intelligence Business intelligence is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of
    raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes.

  • Technology is no longer an operational cost center, but used to gain a strategic advantage.

  • FIN represents a tool that plays a key role in the strategic planning process of a firm.
    The system allows you to gather, store, access and analyze data to aid in decision making.

Since 1969, Financial Information Network’s portfolio management and accounting systems have provided a strong foundation on which wealth managers and SMA sponsors rely upon to run their businesses. Over the years, working with—and learning from—investment firms of all sizes, FIN has developed financial systems incorporating a wide range of features to streamline business processes.

FINGPS® is a feature-rich total technology solution for investment firms providing real-time automated trading, straight-through processing, GIPS-compliant performance, and much more. Customizable tools harness the infinite possibilities of the Internet for reporting to clients. Flexible enough to meet the needs of every investment manager, FINGPS® employs cutting-edge technology to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global economy.

Known for its knowledge and responsiveness, FIN’s customer service team builds lasting relationships with its clients. FIN’s high percentage of long-term clients is a testament to the excellence and reliability that FIN systems provide.